sit yourself down. 

sit yourself down. 

Breitbart said he was raised a secular Jew in the west side of Los Angeles, a region he described as “Dennis Kucinich bumper sticker” country. He arrived at Tulane University in New Orleans with only one firm belief — that everyone in the South, and in middle America, was stupid. He graduated with a B.A. in American Studies.


“I was a default liberal until a few things started to happen in my life when I realized there was a different way to look at things,” he said. “I had been an insomniac my entire life, and once I stopped embracing moral relativism and started believing in right and wrong, it just solved my insomnia.”

Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess?

Breitbart has been at the center of several recent scandals that brought down left-wing politicians and causes. In 2009, he joined forces with James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles to release a series of undercover videos showing ACORN employees’ willingness to help establish a brothel.

It’s interesting to compare the plight of people like Breitbart O’Keefe and Giles with the situation of other people at the center of recent scandals that bring down politicians and causes.

“The strength of what I do comes down to one trait that I’d like to teach all of you — and that is to be very petty,” he said. “There isn’t a kindergarten teacher, a corrupt union member, a congressman, a city council member, a corrupt toddler that I’m not willing to out, because it’s fun, quite frankly. I’m petty, and I do it because it’s fun.”

Is this even real??

8:01 if anderson cooper comes out to these fags i will perform a get out the vote campaign for people who have been disenfranchised by voter id laws

8:04 poor ron paul but he really looks the most lost

8:05 nice choice of contrast on michele

8:05 the phantom of las vegas? is this the most prominent republican they could get to sing the national anthem?

8:06 maybe our flag should be red and lime green.

8:06 is saluting, like, a thing?

8:07 uhh is it really ageism when ron paul cannot get through a memorized sentence?

8:09 has rick perry cut down on his makeup or did we just lose hd channels

8:10 newt is going to be the star again

8:10 or has rick just given all his makeup to michelle? hmm?


8:11 job creators! for a living!

8:12 but i’m not going to tell you about it.

8:12 KNEEJERK REACTION? read YOUR analysis? 

8:13 “my plan is being taxed so much” lol

8:13 let’s just lie to people and probably it will work?

8:13 rick santorum really does do demeaning well

8:14 if a single man pays the same as a married couple with children…isn’t that good for families?

8:15 (insert figures on american mathematical aptitude)

8:15 cain is getting attacked with logic at a republican nomination debate = cain is done

8:16 is “brother” the new “son”

8:16 “brotha” DEFINITELY is

8:17 “fly”?

8:17 this is getting pretty boring.

8:18 rich people say word

8:19 tell us to do the math again

8:20 nice one mitt

8:20 mitt: but i definitely don’t wanna reduce taxes on poor people, word herm

8:21 anderson PLEASE come out

8:21 and stop talking about the 999 plan for chrissakes do you really need NEWT to kick dust in its face

8:22 more proof newt isn’t running = no bridge burning

8:23 anderson! every american DOES pay taxes!

8:23 michelle has a tax plan? 

8:23 oh god. reagan’s”tax plan is pretty much the same as abolishing the tax code, yes.

8:24 michelle: regulations are taxes and obamacare is regulations and the economy was destroyed by obamacare


8:26 the significance of mitt’s tie 

8:27 “income mobility” is a new term?

8:27 i kind of love rick’s mouth but it belongs on a muppet


8:30: rick has a good point about how nobody ever focuses on health care costs but i bet he is focusing on costs for government not costs to citizens

8:31 ooh burn mitt

8:31 creating environments from…the top down?

8:33 what is michelle saying!

8:33 seriously why are we talking about the most boring things here. 999 and obamacare? are these not over?

8:33 those podiums look pretty slick

8:34 michelle is very adaptable in her speech

8:37 very nice front-forward zoom out

8:38 touche paul

8:39 what if the people don’t have the money? then what?

8:40 the finest health care system in the world doesn’t insure children!

8:41 rick, they’re coming here because your state profits from your labor

8:42 loving this passive aggression ricky LOVING IT

8:42 did anybody ever say why those kids don’t have health insurance? 

8:44 it’s true, interrupting is not so diplomatic

8:46 i started reading gawker

8:47 actually you cannot build a fence rick

8:47 now we can be nice to herman cuz we already dissed him right good

8:47 yes great predator drones on the border are a wonderful civilian use of the military. 

8:48 omg.

8:48 you are dumb michelle. how much do illegal aliens make us?

8:49 if they spell theater like theatre then they get deported right?

8:50 mitt noticed a demographic not getting enough love!

8:51 fucking magnets how do they work joke

8:51 WHAT?

8:51 i dunno rick that kinda sounded like the bottom line

8:53 totally thought this was gonna be an anchor baby diss, way to be the big man newt

8:54 oh yes ron the incentive for mexican immigration is definitely spotty educational benefits

8:54 penalized as…individuals?

8:55 “as long as there’s no abuse” — there you go libertarians

8:55 herman thanks for not talking about 999 but you just said what newt said

8:56 yep here we go 14th amendment

8:56 well to be honest we might as well mine nevada, it’s not like there’s water there

9:00 only the ladies in black are clapping…

9:01 ron has a good point about other peoples’ garbage

9:02 not that he would keep independent nuclear energy corporations from moving their garbage across state lines

9:02 but rick but what if nobody wants it?

9:03 and what if the geologically safe place is not the same as the place that’s desperate enough to take nuclear waste?

9:07 i am tired of talking points.

9:08 a) did michelle dye her hair and b) is that a fake navy uniform? 

9:09 this is michelle’s crazy eyes right now, don’t look at the spirals THEY WILL CAPTURE YOU

9:09 oh jesus hermy you are done 

9:10 rich people say word

9:11 love u ronnie!

9:12 oh god nevermind ron u a nut you are saying the same thing as hermie

9:13 OR we could spend our time NOT talking about the economic collapse!

9:13 ummmmm mitttttt begging the question

9:19 i need to smoke

9:25 well this is a softball

9:28 newty “cheap hawk” is an oxymoron baby

9:29 ron paul you are an oxymoron

9:30 oh fuck this it is all lies.

8:22 perry looks like a wax figure

8:23 hair included

8:23 totally has someone talking in his ear

8:24 huntsman belongs on a boat in the finger lakes, what is he doing here? 

8:26 bachmann has a point, the issue IS electing republican senators

8:26 newt disagrees with the concept of a debate

8:27 the front rows don’t clap, who are they?

8:28 family, duh. good talking point newt

8:28 obama is notable for being the first non-preacher-style major black politician

8:29 what restrictions, herman cain?

8:29 santorum’s considering face (huhhhhh?) is unelectable

8:30 so is his stuttering

8:31 fascinating question, clear dodge from perry

8:32 “anglo”

8:32 not sure the race wealth difference is due to “small business owners”


8:34 what does energy secure mean then, rick?

8:34 perry’s gonna have a busy day 1

8:35 i vote for perry’s “bitch u crazy” face

8:36 huntsman’s “hweres” and “that which we have” will sink him.

8:37 this is a mass interview, not a debate

8:37 oh ron paul.

8:38 we didn’t know it was going to be hillarycare?

8:39 perry’s “ron paul ladies and gentlemen” not so presidential

8:44 is air force one a missile?


8:45 well nancy i think they call that statutory rape

8:46 stem cell research?? where’s that question?

8:46 nice glasses girl

8:47 republikids are like who?

8:47 good luck rick perry

8:47 this is not even a debate, this is a recitation of talking points

8:48 mitt is grossed out

8:49 HAHAHAH karl is so over the top, all he had to say was that they aren’t mutually exclusive

8:49 romney looks depressed.

8:50 social security failed funding lie to mitt

8:50 lol

8:51 mitt sez “the olds are my voters y’all”

8:51 reasons OR results, perry?

8:51 oh duh it’s makeup

8:52 cain u talking about other countries???

8:52 this doesn’t address the question of convincing people to gamble away their social security

8:53 lil paul : not good medicine, social misfit!

9:03 crowd pleaser there huntsman

psychiatrists are just pharmacies that don’t ask for prescriptions